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When it comes to the insulation industry's workhorses, fiberglass is a strong contender. Sometimes referred to as fiberglass wool, it's produced from many short fibers of glass drawn through tiny openings. It has superior sound and thermal insulating properties, making it ideal as an insulation product for homes and loud environments. Here's a quick look

10 futuristic technologies that are changing construction

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It’s no secret that technology is revolutionising literally every aspect of modern day life. The construction industry, continually being updated and upgraded with the latest technology, is one such example of this. Technology in construction comes with devising innovative new ways of constructing and whilst the changing future of construction is largely unknown, there are some

SMART HOME 6 Vital Ways to Future-Proof Your Smart Home

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Technology develops at a frightening pace, and it’s a full-time job trying to keep up with all the latest gadgets and innovations. What’s worse, technology can also be a money pit. It seems we need to replace our gadgets every couple of years if we want to stay “modern.” This problem is even more pronounced in